Pit House

Pit House

This house was designed by UID Architects with the intent of “connecting to the earth” at the request of the client. Located on a terraced mountain hill in Okayama Prefecture near Seto Inland Sea in a residential area the house is positioned to have views to the north and its ground level is one meter higher than the road level. The architects’ intention was to design the house so that there was no real distinction between the natural environment and the architecture, a quality used in traditional Japanese architecture, he wanted them to coexist. Instead of the architecture being a separate piece of the land he made it an extension of the environment by using the pit dwelling. Altogether there are six types of floor levels; the uppermost level is supported by “branch like columns” that holds up the exterior cedar box and makes the house appear to hover over the sunken ground floors. Another strong Japanese quality of this house is the fact that it basically consists of one big open space with many different levels that seem to flow into each other. The prominent materials used in this house are wood and concrete. Wood being a very strong aspect of traditional Japanese architecture, used on the floors and as walls to separate few parts of the house and concrete which is seen in more contemporary Japanese architecture today.


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