Pit House: Book Diagram



Interior & Exterior Diagram –

I used one diagram that can be taken apart to represent both the exterior and interior of my house. On the interior of my book I choose to communicate the importance of the circular excavated space into the foundation and the extruded form which creates the core of the building. I used the thickness of the book to show that the house has different levels; the foundation (pages) being one of the main layers, the excavated forms (the holes drilled out of the pages) making up the ground floor, the extruded pages (forming the core of the house) and the second story (shown by a portion of the cover). The excavated space was a crucial part of the design concept to connect nature and architecture. The pages represent the inside of the house just as you would find them on the inside of a book. The second story is shown by a piece of the cover to show that that material is much different than the parts that have been dug out on the first floor. It is a much more solid piece of the house. Just as the cover of a book protects its pages the cover here represents the exterior portion of the house protecting its residents. Its box like figure encloses the circular forms but allows views into the house by hovering over the ground floor.


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